“Do you know someone who needs this?” I was talking on the phone to a friend who is very active in serving the community. Her office was putting together a wonderful Thanksgiving basket, and she was wondering if I knew a family in need. My heart was warmed by the thoughtfulness, but as I hung up I wondered, “What about April?” I began to think about our churches and how we get excited about doing special projects during this season. That’s a good thing. But what about April? Don’t people need to eat in April? Or February or May?


We must be careful about taking a project approach to our ministry. We cannot be content to do just enough to make us feel better that we did a good deed. That shows concern but not commitment. Just as when we work we want a regular paycheck, the work of ministry requires regular giving to the church and from the church. As we come to the end of one year and start to plan for the next, let us think about how we can move our home and global mission from a project to a passion, something that we are committed to every month of the year, including April.