At Malakal in April, 2017, church leaders beseeched us to send doctors to treat trachoma-- rampant in the camp--and which is the leading cause of irreversible blindness globally1. Children are disproportionately afflicted. As the flyer below indicates, we’re recruiting an eye care professional team to go there for 9 days. So far only one other American, an ophthalmologist, is willing to go. The Christian Eye Network has generously posted the need for eye care workers2.

It appears that we’ll have to hire professionals from Ethiopia and perhaps Juba to go to Malakal, which is expensive. With about 30,000 in the camp, we need a large team, particularly if we can also do cataract surgery. We plan to bring hundreds of new Foster Grant reading glasses3.

Rapid Discipleship TrainingI hope to teach at Malakal, if I’m not needed to assist the eye team, and will provide teaching materials for evangelism and teaching countering cults for use at Grace Theological College in Juba, so that it can be taught without me having to be there. Please pray for a sufficiently large and capable team. Many NGO workers are at the camp, as well as UN personnel, so the risk may seem more than is actual.

3Purchased through Some will also be distributed at the Westside housing location.