God seems to be lighting brushfires across the African American church landscape. Courageous African Americans are fanning the flames.  Churches need to let go of a "come" mentality, and equip members to serve outside their walls, where it isn't so safe--but where the harvest is.

Byron Johnson's website Vision 9:38 is dedicated to helping specific African American missionaries get to the field. Perhaps you might assist.


Some African American churches that have caught the missions vision are listed here.

Interested in helping African American missionaries enter their chosen field? Check here

Check the COMINAD (Cooperative Mission Network of the African Dispersion) Facebook page COMINAD is an important network for African American missions mobilizers. As of 3/7/2011, Director Brian Johnson's contact information is: 608 Warwick Drive, McDonough, GA 30253, (313) 671-4994. Call Brian for information about upcoming missions conferences around the USA.