Sudan2013ToritAirDepartMedRWe currently sponsor working trips to Southern Sudan and Uganda. Please click on a location for more information. 

Typically our teams have youth ministry, crusade and personal evangelism, medical ministry, and separate seminars for male and female church leaders. We do our best to arrange opportunities according to the gifts represented on the team. In addition, we now have opportunities for builders in S. Sudan, using the new interlocking block machine that is now in Torit. This is a different style of construction from that in North America, but not difficult to learn.

The Uganda and S. Sudan teams travel together from the USA, and operate from the same guesthouse near Kampala, Uganda. Our Ugandan ministry partners are within the Africa Christian Training Institute/Ministries. RMNI has led eight team ministries in Uganda and can accomodate opportunities of most kinds and locations in Uganda. 

Ministry in S. Sudan is more difficult due to heat and lack of infrastructure, and requires good physical condition of team members.  Ministry in Uganda is not as physically demanding, typically, but will still stretch one's faith and comfort zone.