Financial Proverbs

Balance: God is the common origin of all of us

Prov. 22:2 "Rich and poor have this in common: The Lord is the Maker of them all.", The rich usually do not want to identify with the poor. God is the common denominator of all of us. Plus, we have the same parents, Adam and Eve, so we're all kin, going 'way back. Rich and poor also have: the same "time capital"; both will die and leave everything; both have the same avenue of access to God and both will meet their God; Scripture gives more hope for the poor than for the rich in that encounter (Luke 18:25). Poverty itself is not a moral advantage, since it could be attained by dissoluteness, lack of self-control and slothfulness. Riches itself are not morally advantageous, since it could be attained by deceit and greedy self-interest.

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Giving is not something that is natural to human sin nature. As Christians we have to learn what giving means and how to do it appropriately.


Today debt has coomon place. Why should one not be in debt, afterall the US Government is right? Here you will find commentary on debt as well as helpful ideas on how to get out.


Budgeting is the core of every financially sound home. So get your start here or find new tips to make life easier.

Other Financial Resources

With so many books and websites out there how do you know where to even start? Right here of course, where you can find links and book lists from some of our favorite sites and authors (including our favorite author - God.).

Financial Training

Looking to start helping others learn more about finances? Perhaps you are looking for some people to help your group learn more? RMNi has you covered here in the Financial Training Section.

Church Finances

Managing church finances is not the same as managing a business. Here we take a look at both basics and some in depth looks at money in the church.

Insurance & Planning

Questions regarding insurance or perhaps planning some financial goals? Wondering what is the Biblical perspective on these topics? You have come to the right place.