African-American global missions is certainly no prairie fire, but there are brush fires all over the country, which, with the wind of the Spirit, will flare and ignite to result in the considerable human and financial resources of the African American church being utilized for global mission.  These sites provide resources toward that end.
- Jim Sutherland

Mission Frontiers devoted their April 2000 issue to “The African American & Missions.” The issue is, thankfully, online. It's worth a visit.

SIM has for years had staff specifically designated for African American recruitment.

Urbana has perhaps the most comprehensive page of links relating to African American missions

Wycliffe Bible Translators has the only section of a major missions–sending organization (of which I'm aware) devoted entirely to African Americans. You'll find information on African American missions and some African American missionaries serving with Wycliffe.

Know the Truth International Ministries specializes in short-term missions trips to eastern Africa, and to the Caribbean. has some unique Black history exhibits and missions information, with links. This is the work of Joel Freeman, who wrote Return to Glory.

Ethnic Harvest has an out-of-date page, but still many valuable Gospel Resources for African Americans.

Arnold Polk, an African American, has developed the interlocking block machine, which produces superior building blocks with far less time and money. Blocks can be used in as regular building blocks for clinics, homes, churches and water catchment systems. For more information, visit Polk Building Ministries.