Bertha Lloyd, Chattanooga, Tennessee

I give praise to God, my heavenly Father, from whom all blessing flow. He blessed me to be a blessing to others. He has made me more appreciative of His blessings to me and to others, who made it possible for me to go.

berthaHe has allowed me to take less things for granted--that is, that these conveniences that I now enjoy will not necessarily remain, and that I cannot take things for granted. Made me more conscious of the necessity and importance of praying for the people--their lives, conditions and faith. I am more grateful for what God has blessed me with--great friends, family, home and friends. God has made me a blessing to others by sharing what He did through me on the field and some also has also served on the field.

God has blessed the church where I serve to get involved in missions (foreign) and recruiting others to get on board.
My territory has expanded as He keep blessing me with friends from Uganda, Haiti and other countries-- India and Dominica.
Thanks to a great leader and friends.

[Note: Bertha went on ten trips with RMNI (Uganda, India and Dominica) and two to Haiti, including one sponsored by her church - Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. Her pastor, Reggie Poindexter, attributes the current missions emphasis in his church in large part to Bertha's trips, which challenged her church to become involved in global missions. Bertha went home to the arms of her Savior on October 26, 2018.]