Managing church finances is not the same as managing a business. Here we take a look at both basics and some in depth looks at money in the church.

Clergy Finances

Clergy can have complex finances and faced with special problems. RMNi looks at many of these issues in a two-part series on Clergy Finances.

Part 1

Part 2

(Note these both are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader.)

Support of Ministers and Missionaries


1. They are worthy of financial support: 1 Corinthians 9:7-18 a. Argument by analogy: the military pays its soldiers, the farmer eats of his crops, the shepherd drinks the milk of the sheep. Also, even the ox pulling the threshing sled was allowed to eat some of the crops, so it could keep on working. Why?

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Stewardship Survey

A survey for small groups or for your church. Getting some data will help you understand the financial picture of the church and issues to address.

Download the Stewardship Survey. (Requires Adobe Reader).

Church Financial Assessment

Some of the ideas for this instrument come from “Is Your Church Fiscally Fit” by James D. Berkley, in Leadership magazine. Do you feel that God’s grace is strongly operating in the church? In 2 Corinthians 8:1-5 this grace is evidenced by an extremely generous church.

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Church Budgeting

A budget is a spending plan created so that (1 spending reflects the church’s highest priorities (2 spending is not simply in response to immediate needs, but has overall perspective (3 either a shortfall or an overage can be wisely used, according to a carefully predetermined spending plan (4 all important areas of funding are included, both short and long-term. This plan is most appropriate for a church beginning to budget her income. To better understand your church’s giving and uncover financial ministry opportunities in your church, see the stewardship inventory.

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