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Since our survey in 1997, I've been repeatedly asked for updated information on the number of current African American cross-cultural missionaries. Our goals are to motivate many more to engage cross-cultural ministry, to provide information to mission mobilizers of African Americans, to facilitate interaction among African American missionaries and to assist those who want to find and support such missionaries through a directory. We hope to complete a new missionary census in 2010. Rochelle Johnson is partnering in this work. A comprehensive census will be possible as friends assist us with current information.

This survey is only for African American Christian missionaries who are currently and primarily serving those who are not African American. We are looking for fulltime missionaries, defined as those who are currently on the field and have already spent at least two years in cross-cultural ministry, or who are on the field, have not yet been there for two years, but whose term will last for at least two years in cross-cultural ministry. If you are on furlough or home assignment and intend to return to the field, you are considered a fulltime missionary.

If you use a paper version, please clearly print your responses and send to POB 2537, Chattanooga, TN 37409-0537, USA. The information below is requested to provide a comprehensive missionary census. Your name will not be associated with specific data. With your permission, your name and contact information will be included in a listing of African American missionaries. If you are not comfortable answering any non-required question, please do not feel obligated. Thank you very much for any help. If at a later time you'd like to send us updates, corrections or other information, please contact us by email, or (USA) 423-822-1091

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