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The first priority of RMNi is to assist the African American church in mobilizing her members to go to the Samarias and to every tribe, tongue and nation to share the great news of God’s reconciling love through the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

If you are currently an active African American cross–cultural missionary, I'd very much like to know of your existence. Particularly, I would highly appreciate your completing a brief online survey especially for current African-American cross-cultural missionaries. I am repeatedly asked by missions mobilizers and others "How many African American missionaries are there?" Your responses would be used to further recruiting efforts. If you would prefer, a very brief form is located at the bottom of this page (please add your country of service under "comments"). As you may give permission I would like to share your name with those interested in supporting specifically African American missionaries.

Others can assist this effort (respond using the form at the bottom of this page)

If you can provide the names and ministry location, address and email contact of currently active African American missionaries, this would help those interested in possibly supporting an African American missionary who is working in a particular ministry region or people group. It would also provide better information as to the true extent of current African American outreach. We are looking for current African American cross-cultural missionaries who have spent at least two years on the field, or who intend to stay for at least two years. Those on furlough or home assignment intending to return to the field are included.

Secondly, if you know of an African American independent cross-cultural missionary-sending or mobilizing agency, would you provide contact information? We would like to network with these organizations to develop a more unified missions movement.

Thirdly, we would like to assist in the publication of contextualized materials specifically designed to start a global missions program in local African-American churches. Also, some mission organization representatives would like to contact such churches. Initially we are interested in churches which have 150+ adults in regular attendance. Could you provide contact information if you know of one or more churches who qualify?

African American Churches 150+

If you know a pastor of an African American church, or are one, preferably missions-minded, (denominational or not) that averages more than 150 unduplicated persons, 18 years and older, attending meetings in a week, please participate in this project.

African American Missionaries

This project seeks to find African American Missionaries who are currently serving cross culturally. Are you or do you know an African American missionary? Please give us their name and any contact information you have.

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