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Probably not more than 350-400 African-American cross-cultural missionaries exist among approximately 37 million African-Americans. While the Black church focuses upon the needs of the local congregations and community — understandably so — global missions is usually the "Great Omission." Although local ministry is essential, so the mandate to the Black church is the same as to any other part of Christ’s Body — to go to the ends of the earth to give everyone the opportunity to hear the Gospel understandably. RMNi desires to help evangelical churches establish and pursue their global mission priorities.

If you would like to obtain a bound copy of the Director's PhD dissertation entitled: African American Under-representation In Intercultural Missions: Perceptions Of Black Missionaries And The Theory Of Survival/Security, go here for ordering information. The dissertation is publication number 9826892. The work was completed at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois in 1998. You may also download and print the dissertation yourself by clicking here.


Theological Schools and Missions Resources

Some Recommended Theological Schools
You can help add to this list by contacting us

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL (Evangelical Free Church, but professors are representative of various evangelical theological traditions), also other graduate schools.
 Distance learning & extension school options

Columbia International University, Greenville, SC (Evangelical, non-denominational)

Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS), Jackson, MS (Reformed, obviously, and evangelical) Distance Learning at RTS

Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO (Reformed, Evangelical) 

Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX, (Evangelical, dispensational)                           

Southern Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY (Southern Baptist, Evangelical)

Moody Bible Institute (Evangelical, dispensational)
Undergrad and graduate programs available.
External Studies

Wheaton College Graduate School

Third Millenium Ministries offers solid and free online theological resources.

Bryan College Master's Degree in Christian Studies

Other Schools, with an African American emphasis:

Crossroads Bible College, Indianapolis, IN 46219
Predominately African American school. Preparing for urban and global ministry, particularly.

Carver Bible College

Missions Courses

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

The US Center for World Mission offers "Insight," a one-year, college-level Christian worldview program. They also offer a 32-unit degree study program that can be pursued from any location.

Coastal Georgia School of Missions prepares students for fulltime missionary service, and also prepares missions mobilizers.


Dissertation-Why So Few AfAm Missionaries?


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History and Research

If you would like to assist in research efforts concerning African American missions, please check this page.  Particularly if you are currently an African American crosscultural missionary, knowing about you is of great interest. Please take time to complete a brief survey.

African Americans have pioneered in cross cultural missions since the 1700s. For a brief perspective on the history of African American missions, see pp. 33-68 of this document.

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Church Global Missions Resources

Here are some useful resources for your local church to help educate and motivate folks to go global.

Global Missions Issues

Scott Moreau has compiled a wide and fascinating set of web links concerning missions issues and trends.

Dr. Michael Johnson has a powerful PowerPoint presentation on Divine Dissatisfation.

What exactly is a missionary?

Here is a 2-page overview of the African American missions picture.

What are some of the consequences to the Black church of not sending missionaries? Here are some observations.

Can thankfulness actually keep God at arm's length and take the focus away from missions?

Many impediments to global missions are gone or greatly reduced. Here are 13 reasons to hope for a resurgence of Black global missions.

Can people who have never heard of Christ and have not rejected him be saved? Dr. Tony Evans' has developed the doctrine of "transdispensationalism," which answers in the affirmative. Go here for the background and a reply to Dr. Evans' views on this matter.

African American Missions Recruitment

We are to pray for workers to bring to salvation those God is drawing to Christ (Luke 10:2; John 6:44). God uses human means. Go here for the article "Time for African American Missionaries," which appeared in the October 2004 edition The Evangelical Missions Quarterly, which has seven strategies to recruit African American missionaries. It is used by permission of EMQ.

Please also see pages 265-281 and pages 303-304 of Jim's dissertation on this subject. The page numbers refer to the orginal pagination of the document, not to the PDF pagination.

If you have anecdotes and suggestions for effective recruitment, please contact us.